Genesis Restoring Women started as a small, in-home Bible Study back in February 2014. The Lord steered me to walk a dozen women through all 50 Chapters of the Book of Genesis, and I must say that it was an extremely humbling experience. Not only did the group of hungry women grow deeper in the Word of God, but there were also major prayers being answered during this intimate, 12-week journey. Testimonies of healing & deliverance, 1st-time home ownership, job opportunities, ministry assignments, vehicle purchases, and wedding engagements were being shared week after week.

Shortly after the 12-week Bible Study concluded, the Holy Spirit nudged me to create a Prayer Altar in my basement, which is fondly known by close family and friends as “GPR,” for Genesis Prayer Room. At the turn of 2015, the Holy Spirit visited me once more saying, very urgently, “NOW IS THE TIME!” Although I had no idea what that actually meant, it became quite clear to me one year later, that the time has come for me to start Genesis Restoring Women…and it is finally here!







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